Our Before The Event Insurance pays costs such as solicitor’s fees and expenses, costs of expert witnesses, counsel’s fees, court fees and other side’s costs in a case covered by the policy, where there are reasonable prospects of the case being successful. Cover is provided up to the limit of indemnity which is typically £50,000 for personal cover or £100,000 or more for commercial cover.

In some cases, the policy will also cover other risks, such as employment compensation awards against companies or unrecovered rent due to a landlord.

Before The Event Insurance or ‘BTE’ cover is usually arranged together with other insurance (for example, motor insurance to cover motor-related disputes, home insurance for personal disputes), or as part of another insurance policy (for example business insurance), although cover for affinity groups and certain cover for landlords can also be provided on a stand-alone basis.

Legal Protection Group provides a full range of BTE policies, including Commercial Legal Protection, Family Legal Protection and Motor Legal Protection.

We also provide Group and Affinity cover, Landlord Legal and Rent Protection cover which includes loss-of-rent protection and Tax Investigation cover for accountants’ clients.

Policies also provide access to a 24-hour legal helpline service which can provide assistance with most types of legal problem.