An unsuccessful claimant in a legal case may be required to pay some or all of the other side’s costs as well as their own costs and disbursements – that’s where After-The-Event Insurance comes in.

Bringing a legal dispute can be costly and many clients with strong claims are put off from pursuing their legal rights due to the significant financial risk and uncertainty of the litigation outcome. No claim has a 100% guarantee of being successful and if your client loses or abandons their case they run the risk of incurring a significant legal bill. After-The-Event, or ‘ATE’ Insurance, can provide a solution to the risk of having to pay the other side’s costs and expenses, unrecovered own disbursements, and own Counsel’s fees, giving clients the confidence to run the case to conclusion.

Legal Protection Group can source ATE insurance to cover other side’s costs and your unrecovered disbursements, with optional cover for your own Counsel’s fees.

Cover of up to £2 million can be provided in suitable cases.

Normally, ATE cover is arranged before proceedings have been issued. However cover can be taken out at a later stage in the claim. The ATE insurance policy premium can be staged so the earlier the case settles, the lower the premium will be.

Payment of the premium is normally upfront and non-refundable. However subsequent stages can be deferred until case conclusion and contingent on success.